Boundary Waters Outfitter in Ely, MN

Boundary Waters Outfitter Ely MN

When you embark on a boundary waters canoe, fishing or camping trip, you can bet that you’re going to need a long list of supplies, especially if you’re planning on a lengthier trip. At Moose Track Adventures, we want to be sure that you have the most satisfying trip possible, and that’s why we make […]

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All-Inclusive and Complete Outfitting Package Gear Brands

Moose Track Adventure Canoe Brand: Wenonah Kevlar Canoes At Moose Track Adventures, we use Wenonah Kevlar Canoes because they are the premier canoe brand for long lake trips. Top of the line for both performance and capacity, this is the perfect BWCA canoe brand for lake exploring, professional guides, fishing professionals, and park rangers. Comfortable […]

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Plan your Trip to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area

Are you excited about getting closer to nature? Then the Boundary Waters Canoe Area is where you need to be! Be sure to pace yourself because this is wild territory but with the proper gear and preparations your first trip to the BWCA will be the vacation of a lifetime! And many continue to return […]

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BWCA Outfitter & Guides

Looking to take a guided trip through the Boundary Waters Canoe Area? You should know that just because you have a guide, you’ll still have to pull your own weight. Choosing to go on a Guided & Outfitted Trip within the BWCA is not the easy way out but you will sure learn a lot […]

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Boundary Waters Outfitters

The BWCA is a vast land full of lakes and channels perfect for canoeing and camping. Since it’s preservation in 1926 it has become a popular vacation for those looking for the freedom of wild adventure and the pureness of nature. Boundary Waters Outfitters are one of the most common ways to vacation light and […]

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