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Quetico Park Info

Canada Travel Permits & Camping Regulations
A Travel Permit must be reserved for the Quetico Park. Party size restriction for a Travel Permit is 10 people in the Quetico. Bottles and cans for food and beverages are not allowed in the canoe areas. Firearms are illegal in the Quetico Park. Dogs are permitted in the Quetico Park (but requires a rabies certificate).

The per night camping fee is $21.47 (Canadian funds) per person 18 years of age and older. The per night youth fee of 17 years & under is $8.48.

A $100.00 deposit plus the $11.00 reservation fee (nonrefundable) will be requested at the time of the reservation. This fee is to discourage speculative bookings and to encourage those canceling permits to do so early and therefore free up quota. If you go on your trip, the $100.00 deposit gets applied towards your camping fees. If you cancel or change a reservation, the cancellation percentage will apply, based on how long your reservation has been held. This does not include the $11.00 non-refundable reservation fee. Following is a chart explaining the reservation
cancellation/change and refund policy for applicable percentages.

Program conditions

1. You must have the CANPASS RABC permit in your possession when you cross the border into Canada at remote locations.

2. Passports: US Customs now requires a passport to return to the U.S. from Canadian trips (not to enter CANADA).

Following is a chart explaining the reservation cancellation/change and refund policy for applicable percentages.

When did you make your reservation? Penalty = % of cost of nights not used, based on when you cancelled or changed your reservation. 
change or
cancel within          
  1          2         3         4        no show
 1 month
ago or less
10% 1 night + 10% of
cancelled nights
 Bet/ 1 & 2
months ago
20% 10% 1 night + 20% of
cancelled nights
 Bet/ 2 & 3
months ago
30% 20% 10%  1 night + 30% of
cancelled nights
 Bet/ 3 & 4
months ago
40% 30% 20%  10%  1 night + 40% of
cancelled nights
 Bet/ 4 & 5
months ago
50% 40% 30%  20%  1 night + 50% of
cancelled nights

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Thunder in the Vicinity

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